4 Feb 2012

SWF Address not updating

Bug fix for an issue with SWFAddress on Macs

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29 Jan 2012

Some thoughts on the future of Flash

It’s that time of the year again when people write off Flash saying this year really is the end of flash with HTML5* taking over the world. I’m not so sure and here are my thoughts why. Regular readers may have noticed over the past year or so an increase in HTML5, JavaScript and CSS […]

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9 Mar 2011

Space Monkey

You might play this game and think this is just a copy of that iPhone game Doodle Jump, and you’d be completely right

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4 Mar 2011

ColorWall gets half a million hits

So last night, while I was tucked away in bed in London, somewhere in the world (possibly even in London) someone viewed ColorWall, and little did they know they where the 500,000th unique person to see it. Madness. I made ColorWall purely as an example of how to re-create Yugo Nakamura’s great wonderwall effect. It […]

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9 Feb 2011

addFrame- Script & current- Labels

Some useful code for adding code to frames in Flash

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30 Dec 2010

Double clicks in AS3

Double click event in AS3 has a little gothca – here’s how to get it working

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17 Mar 2010

draw- Round- Rect in AS2

Today I have been doing some retro AS2 coding (don’t ask why…)

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18 Feb 2010

Using Value Objects in Flash

From time to time I get emails from people asking for help or advice and last week I was discussing with Gabe about how VOs might help him organize his code. I think a large amount of the visits to my blog come from Flash newbies and designers so this post is perhaps more for […]

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10 Feb 2010

Color- Snake

Like ColorWall but sort of a snake, it probably makes more sense after you’ve seen it

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21 Jan 2010

Setting Stage vanishing point in as3

I was playing around with Flash Player 10 3D capabilities yesterday and thought it was worth posting how to set the Stage vanishing point (as it’s not that well documented). The vanishing point is set to the top left corner of the stage by default. The below code set’s it to the center of the […]

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