27 Feb 2012

HTML5 Space Monkey

A re-write my Flash Space Monkey game using only HTML5, JavaScript and CSS

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7 Nov 2011

Star Particles

A star version of the fun particle thing I made yesterday

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6 Nov 2011

Fun with Java- Script particles

Some simple lightweight & fun particles

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9 Mar 2011

Space Monkey

You might play this game and think this is just a copy of that iPhone game Doodle Jump, and you’d be completely right

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4 Mar 2011

ColorWall gets half a million hits

So last night, while I was tucked away in bed in London, somewhere in the world (possibly even in London) someone viewed ColorWall, and little did they know they where the 500,000th unique person to see it. Madness. I made ColorWall purely as an example of how to re-create Yugo Nakamura’s great wonderwall effect. It […]

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19 Jan 2011

Simple image physics with HTML5 Canvas

I must admit that since returning from over 7 months travelling I’ve lost a little of my motivation for programming. However this afternoon at work I had a little downtime and decided to read through some of my emails and comments I’ve received on this blog for some inspiration. One such comment I found was […]

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30 Dec 2010

Flash Monkey is back!

After 7 months travelling (mostly in Latin America) I’m back and ready to write code again

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5 Mar 2010

Simple Java- Script Physics

It’s been a fairly quiet Friday afternoon so I thought I’d play around with some more JavaScript

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16 Dec 2009

Season Speak- ings

A nice text to speech Christmas site I built

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4 Dec 2009

Wobble- Wall

WobbleWall! Blobs… BlobbleWall!? Wasn’t really sure what to call this one but WobbleWall sounds mildly amusing so I’ve gone with that

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