This is the first of two Christmas sites I’ve worked on this year. This site was created for TMW, the digital agency I currently work at, with the end client being Gordon’s Gin. The nice thing about the project is that it’s an integrated online and offline campaign, so there is a nice little book that accompanies the site. A lot of people were involved in the project and everyone did a great job to produce the site. My role was to create the main site container, and the page flip functionality. I was pretty please with the page flip as I wrote it from scratch using particles rather than a 3D engine – I’ll write a blog post about how I created it in the New Year.

Check out the site here.

Be sure to check out the ‘Drop that phrase’ page as I made the fish scared of the mouse and they swim away from it (it’s the little things!)

Special mention goes to Immo Blease who created the page SWFs, Mark Brunt who created the intro 3D animation and Ivan Cho, the Project Manager who kept everything going smoothly. (There’s a load of other people who did a great job, the Art Director, the Illustrator etc etc but the list could go on forever and I’ll still only miss someone out!)