The other day I wore an Adobe HELLO WOLRD t-shirt (modeled below by my lovely friend Sonya) I picked up from the FOTB conference last month. A couple of people in the office made some light-hearted geek comments. Geek! – I thought, that’s not geeky… this is geeky.

Yes yes, as you can see from the above I have surpassed myself in the world of geekiness and re-created the t-shirt in Flash. In my defense it actually only took me about an hour as I used the same code base from my Papervision Digital Clock.

After I finished the hello world example, I really got into playing with cubes and made the 3 below spin-offs (click on the images to view them). Whereas this probably isn’t the most impressive thing you will see in Papervision I really enjoyed creating it, and I’ve put the source files online here so beginners can use them as an example of how to set up simple apps in Papervision. If you do grab the files and do something cool with them post a comment with a link as I’d love to see it.