19 Jul 2012

CSS 3D Cube Tutorial

A short tutorial to show how simple it is to create a simple 3D cube using just CSS

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3 Jul 2012

CSS 3D Digital Clock

This is an experiment based on some old AS3 Papervision things I built a few years ago

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27 Feb 2012

HTML5 Space Monkey

A re-write my Flash Space Monkey game using only HTML5, JavaScript and CSS

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13 Feb 2012

Moving to New York!

I’m leaving London and heading to The Big Apple to work for Fi

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9 Feb 2012

HTML5 Collage Creator Prototype

A quick prototype to see if I could recreate my old Flash college creator using JS and CSS

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4 Feb 2012

SWF Address not updating

Bug fix for an issue with SWFAddress on Macs

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29 Jan 2012

Some thoughts on the future of Flash

It’s that time of the year again when people write off Flash saying this year really is the end of flash with HTML5* taking over the world. I’m not so sure and here are my thoughts why. Regular readers may have noticed over the past year or so an increase in HTML5, JavaScript and CSS […]

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29 Nov 2011

CSS & Java- Script Pacman

A prototype of the classic game built with CSS and JavaScript

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7 Nov 2011

Star Particles

A star version of the fun particle thing I made yesterday

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6 Nov 2011

Fun with Java- Script particles

Some simple lightweight & fun particles

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