The first big tasty project I worked on at TMW was an online scrapbook for Persil. The designs were done by Fed and once it was all put together it turned out to be a really nice project. The application allows you to upload photo’s, use some clip art, draw pictures and write stuff. The biggest challenge was saving the scrapbook out as a JPEG but after a bit of a google search I found this really useful post which worked perfectly.

The other small challenge was storing the drawings that people did and then re-creating them when someone logs back in, but this turned out to be fairly simple as I just stored each x/y co-ordinate in an array on mouse move.

The actually application was very much hidden away on the Persil site, and is also a pain to access as you have to create an account and log in etc – something that was out of my hands and to be honest a bit of a shame as it’s meant the app has got very few hits. I personally would have let people open the scrapbook and play with it without the need to register, then make them register if they wanted to save what they’ve done, but still, it’s a great folio piece for me and was really fun to make.

You can view a watered down version of the scrapbook here. It doesn’t allow you to upload pictures or save what you’ve done but you can do everything else the original app does.