I’ll keep this short and sweet cos I’m so tired from lack of sleep trying to get this thing live! This is the second xmas project I worked on this year. It was for my good friend Federico’s company Cocomino, and I built the site with Tavis. I did the front end Flash, Tavis did the backend / Facebook connect stuff and Fed did the designs.

I’m really proud of this one and I really hope it goes viral to get Cocomino some good marketing. The site was really fun to build and Tavis did a great job with the text-to-speech stuff. I’ll probably elaborate on the project more in the future (especially about the headaches we suffer from Facebook connect) but for now go and check it out at www.seasonspeakings.com. Create your own season speakings and send them to all your friends (and me)!

If you’ve read the blog recently you’ll know I’ve gone a bit particle crazy with the wobble and color walls. I kept it up with this project if you check out the snow in the window and don’t miss the cigar smoke with the main character shown above.

Big thanks to Tavis for never giving up and Fed for keeping us going (and fantastic designs). Also thanks to Sonya for being so patient with all the late nights. Merry Christmas everyone! I’m off to India for 3 weeks over xmas so the blog will be quiet for a month but in the new year I’ll post about how I made a page flip with particles for the Gordon’s xmas site.