WobbleWall! Blobs… BlobbleWall!? Wasn’t really sure what to call this one but WobbleWall sounds mildly amusing so I’ve gone with that. To start off with I want to say that one of the main things that I remember from FOTB 08 was one of the speakers saying that in order to learn more in Flash you’ve just got to play around with code. Someone in the audience said “when do I get the time? I work all day”, to which the speaker said “if you spend half an hour of your lunch break a day playing, that equates to 2.5 hours a week, or 130 hours a year”. So anyway, this is something I’ve made this week on my lunch breaks (and maybe a few minutes of work time after lunch*).

So what is it? Basically it’s pretty much the same code as the ColorWall app I made, but this time instead of the particles being scared of the mouse, they love it and try to get close to it (when it’s within a certain distance). The app can be viewed here (it sort of reminds me of boobs for some strange reason).

When I originally started putting this together I had the idea in my head and was just easing the particles in the exactly the same way as ColorWall works, but to be honest it looked a bit dull. So I started trying things to make it more interesting, including adding sound that the particles reacted too, using FP10’s 3d engine. But it was moving away from my original idea. Finally I thought I’d just change the easing to springing and it created a really nice effect!

I won’t go into too much detail of how I created it as the source code is available at the bottom of this post and you can download it to see the Maths etc behind the particles, but the below SWF shows you how the particles are moving to create the effect.

The app doesn’t really do much but I just find the blobs quite nice to look at and play with (did I mention they remind me of boobs!?). The source code can be downloaded here, it’s all fairly straight forward but feel free to ask any questions by posting a comment.

Source code.

* If I work with you and your reading this (or more to the point your my boss) I definitely didn’t spend any work time creating wobbly blobs! 😉