3 Jul 2014

Hello World, I’m still here

Wow it’s been over a year since my last blog post so here’s a quick post to say hello

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22 May 2013

Relocated to San Francisco

After 15 amazing months living in NYC I have moved west to the mecca of technology

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14 May 2013

Dynamic Bezel Lines

Dynamically created bezel lines experiment. Works with text or images with transparency

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2 May 2013

Transition and old browsers

Using CSS3 transitions are great. Supporting old browsers, not so great. How to work with both

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3 Apr 2013

A nice recursion example

Recursion is cool. This is me trying to explain what it is with a nice example

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26 Mar 2013

Libraries used on this site

What library did I use? How did I make it so fast and snappy? Here’s some of the answers

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6 Mar 2013

SASS Triangle Mixin

A little SASS mixin to create pure CSS triangles & a link to some awesome CSS3 mixins

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2 Mar 2013

CSS3 Animation Effects

This is a short blog post on how I made some of the fun animations on this site

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6 Feb 2013

Welcome Minimal Monkey

Welcome to Minimal Monkey. A little intro and first blog post on the newly designed site

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30 Jul 2012

CSS 3D Cube Mobile

A mobile version of the CSS 3D Cube I recently made with the code to show how it works

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