Throw Physics

It’s been a fairly quiet Friday afternoon so I thought I’d play around with some more JavaScript. This time I’ve created some simple throw physics… you can click and throw the balls around the browser window. Each ball has a different bounce/weight depending on it’s size.

I thought it would be really nice that if you shook the browser window the balls went flying all over the screen, which I sort of implemented, although it seems to take a little while to register that the window has moved so it doesn’t really work as I imagined. Try it though, as they do move a bit. Also, it’s quite cool when you re-size the window.

Click here to view the throw physics example.

Wave Physics

This one is based on the brilliant Yugo Nakamura’s Flash wave effect. I also need to thank Paul Lewis for posting his AS2 wave example, from which I stole some of the physics code. Roll your cursor over the middle line to create a wave effect.

Click here to view the wave example.