You might play this game and think “this is just a copy of that iPhone game Doodle Jump”, and you’d be completely right. I was bored the other weekend and thought I’d make a game. I like Doodle Jump and there isn’t really any good online alternatives (google it, the top link is pretty poor, I’m not even going to link to it) so I thought I’d make one. I really enjoy programming physics and since it’s fairly simple for this game I did it all myself rather than using a library such as Box2D.

Normally I’d get the game to a certain level, like this early demo of Space Monkey, then move onto something else but I liked this one and thought I’d see it through to a properly finished game I’d be happy to post here. One thing I noticed was the game play is only a small part of a simple online game like this. It probably took roughly the same time to build the shell and score board etc.

Apart from the Monkey character (who I bought off iStock) I did all the graphics myself. I’m really pleased with the way this game turned out and I hope you have fun playing it.